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We are the Library of Congress Professional Guild, AFSCME Local 2910, representing over 1500 employees at the Library of Congress. Welcome to our homepage.

Join AFSCME 2910 for a book talk with Beth Baker, author of With a Little Help from Our Friends:

Thursday, July 31, 2014
12 noon - 1 pm
West Dining Room, James Madison Building

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Restore Local History and Genealogy to Its Own Reading Room at the Library of Congress

On Thursday, April 27, Associate Librarian for Library Services Roberta I. Shaffer announced that the I-900 project will not be implemented at the Library of Congress—after the Local History and Genealogy Reading Room (LH&G) had already been merged. This resolution calls for the restoration of LH&G to a separate and professionally appropriate special collections reading room.

Read more about the Guild's opposition to the I-900 plan here.

On Dec. 11, 2013 Mary E. Jacksteit, Chair of the Federal Services Impasses Panel (FSIP) issued the following Arbitrator's Opinion and Decision in the matter of where smoking will be permitted on the grounds of the Library of Congress Madison Building. Click here.

Shutdown/Furlough Guidance:

New Performance Requirements for 2910 Staff. We've broken it down and provided you with suggestions on how to proceed once your supervisor contacts you with a draft document. Click here.

In honor of the 36th anniversary of the Guild:

LC Opens a Lactation Center, by Nan Thompson Ernst, Chief Steward, April 2012

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In October 2012, Library of Congress Associate Librarian Roberta I. Shaffer first put forward an initiative to consolidate the operations of multiple Library of Congress reading rooms, reference collections and reference units. A resulting single “Center of Knowledge” would be located in the space of the Main Reading Room in the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building. As of early June 2013, Shaffer’s “I-900 Plan” (short for “Initiative: 900 Days”) is still on track to close reading rooms in three Library buildings.

Thomas Mann of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division has prepared a set of papers in response to the I-900 Plan, with input from the Guild Committee on Reference Service Consolidation.

Anne Toohey, Steward Director, of Local History & Genealogy has prepared a paper about the special nature of the Local History & Genealogy collections and services, and the potential impact of consolidation.

The papers are offered here on our Web site for the consideration of those who take an interest in the ongoing excellence of the Library of Congress: scholars, researchers, teachers and students, members of Congress, and the international library community.

To learn more about the closures and their aftermath, please see our page on Reading Room Closures.


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