Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. Representatives of the Guild and Library shall meet at least monthly. The joint meetings between the Guild and the Library shall have as their purpose and shall give consideration to:

  1. policy matters relating to personnel policies and practices and conditions of employment of the employees in the bargaining unit;
  2. labor relations matters; and
  3. questions concerning implementation, interpretation, or application of this Agreement.

Section 2. Meetings shall be held on official time and at a time and place to be selected by mutual agreement. If neither Party has anything to discuss, no meeting will be held. Depending on the nature of the agenda, the Library may provide management representatives from one or more of the affected operational units.

Section 3. Guild and Library representatives at these meetings will normally be of equal number. The number of representatives will be determined by mutual agreement. Guild representatives not employed by the Library may attend such meetings.

Section 4. Representatives of the Guild and Library may also arrange to meet at other mutually convenient times to discuss and exchange views on matters concerning conditions of employment, to resolve problems or improve Library operations, or to share information and further two-way communications regarding the mission and welfare of the Library.

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