Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. The Library will provide the Guild with an office of at least 300 square feet in the Madison Building. Office furniture and equipment, as available from stock, will also be provided.

Section 2. The Library will provide three (3) telephones with outside lines in the Guild office. The office shall be listed in the official telephone directory by Guild name, room number, and telephone numbers.

Section 3. Bulletin Boards

  1. The Library will provide an adequate amount of space on bulletin boards located in or adjacent to eating facilities, and on office bulletin boards.

  2. The Guild is responsible for the content of all posted material. The Parties agree to discuss any objections they may have to material posted on bulletin boards. The Library may remove any material that contains malicious attacks on government or Library officials, or the Library as an institution.

Section 4. Distribution of Guild Literature

  1. The Library agrees to provide employees with personalized mail boxes (designating professional bargaining unit employees) or slots conveniently located in work areas. The Library agrees that the distribution of all Guild literature intended for bargaining unit employees will be made within a reasonable amount of time (within at least three (3) days) from the date of initial distribution.

  2. The Library agrees that the Guild has the right to use the Library's mail distribution system to transmit documents or correspondence to management or to bargaining unit employees.

  3. The Guild agrees that, prior to the bulk distribution of its literature by Office Systems Services, the Guild is responsible for preparing, collating, and apportioning such literature. The Guild agrees to limit distribution of its literature to no more than once in a given week.

  4. The Guild agrees that it will not distribute in the Library's mail or post within the Library political endorsements of individuals running for public office, or materials violative of Section 3B. Distribution of such materials may result in suspension by the Library for up to 180 days of the privileges granted in Sections 3A and 4B.

Section 5. Room Reservations

  1. The Library agrees to make either Dining Room A or the West Dining Room available once a month for one (1) hour, during the lunch period on a core day, for a Guild membership meeting. The Guild and Library will make such arrangements once a year, normally in December.

  2. The Guild has the right to reserve rooms to hold other meetings on Library premises during the lunch period and outside normal duty hours subject to the official needs of the Library and Library-sponsored events. When practicable, the Guild will request other room reservations no earlier than thirty (30) days nor later than one (1) week in advance of the scheduled event. However, when meetings are necessary on shorter notice, room reservations will be granted on a first come first served basis, subject to official needs.

Section 6. Guild representatives not employed by the Library may meet with local Guild representatives and/or bargaining unit employees to discuss appropriate matters and may participate in meetings between the Guild and the Library. They shall be admitted to Library premises for these purposes and issued required building passes. The Library shall provide, upon request and when space is available, one reserved parking space in or on Library premises for Guild officials not employed in the Library.

Section 7. Appropriate Guild representatives shall be issued all-hours access passes in order to carry out their responsibilities under this Agreement.

Section 8. The Guild shall be permitted to use, at the same cost charged LC administrative units, word processing and photocopy equipment for Guild business, provided that such use does not interfere with Library business. The Library will designate the equipment for such use. The Parties agree with respect to the Guild use of word processing and photocopying equipment, "at cost" shall mean costs incurred for the use of paper, supplies, as well as photoduplication overhead costs, but not machine leasing or purchase costs.

Section 9. The parties recognize that E-MAIL is to be used for official purposes. The Guild may continue to use an E-MAIL account in order to fulfill its representational responsibilities pursuant to 5 USC Ch. 71 and this Agreement.

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