Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. The Parties agree that assignment of reserved parking spaces shall be based on the official needs of the Library and the human needs of Library staff as set forth in LCR 1818-4 (Library Parking Facilities).

Section 2. The Library shall review the assignments of reserved parking spaces in April and October of each year and make any necessary adjustments.

Section 3. Subject to the availability of spaces, the demands of flexitime, and the allocation required, a reserved parking space on the Library premises shall be assigned upon request to each employee who performs night, weekend, or holiday duties.

Section 4. The Library is responsible for issuing parking permits to employees who are assigned reserved spaces. Holders of parking permits shall be responsible for:

  1. notifying Integrated Support Services whenever an assigned space will not be used so that temporary assignments may be made;
  2. advising Integrated Support Services of any changes in carpool membership;
  3. complying with LCR 1818-4 governing the use of parking areas. Reserved parking regulations will be strictly and regularly enforced by the LC Police Force.

Section 5. Every reasonable effort will be made to assign temporary parking spaces to employees who, because of unusual circumstances or other meritorious circumstances, require special consideration for a temporary period.

Section 6. Requests for temporary parking shall be submitted to the Integrated Support Services. If the request is considered to be justified and space is available, the parking permit shall be made available at that Office for the individual concerned. The permit, issued either for the sole use of an individual or for an office, shall identify the appropriate parking lot or space and shall include a specific expiration time and date.

Section 7. Permits may be transferred only among members of a carpool. A permit shall not be loaned. Permit holders shall be responsible for complying with the regulations governing the use of parking areas as stated in LCR 1818-4 and this article.

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