Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. Position descriptions (PD) will be prepared by the Library and will contain the principal duties, responsibilities, and supervisory relationships for the purpose of classification. Each bargaining unit member will be provided with an official description of his/her duties and responsibilities in the form of a PD on the day the employee assumes his/her duties. All incumbent bargaining unit employees will be supplied with official PDs. When appropriate, the PD will identify any special qualifications and/or requirements of the position.

Section 2. The Library agrees that a bargaining unit list consisting of each employee's name, series, grade, title, and organizational unit will be supplied quarterly in machine readable format to the Guild.

Section 3. The Parties agree that the principle of equal pay for substantially equal work will be applied to all position classifications and actions. If an employee is found to be performing grade-determining higher grade-level duties and responsibilities than those in the PD and if the Library wishes this level of performance to be continued, the Library is responsible for ensuring that the employee is compensated at the higher grade-level. When, during an individual classification study or maintenance review, it is found that an employee's position has been assigned grade-determining higher grade-level duties and responsibilities, action will be taken in accordance with appropriate classification standards to either restructure the job or grade the employee's position at the higher level.

Section 4. The Library will assure that duties which are withdrawn from an employee's official PD are not required of him/her, subject to the Library's rights in Section 6 and Article 2 (Management Rights).

Section 5. Should the Library downgrade an encumbered position as a result of a planned management action (e.g., reorganization or deliberate change of duties), the Library will advise the affected employee(s) of his/her rights outlined in Article 19 (Reduction-In-Force).

Section 6. The Library agrees that phrases such as "other related duties" or "other duties as assigned" mean assignments reasonably related to duties, responsibilities, and qualifications outlined in the PD.

Section 7. LCR 2016-1 (Position Classification and Organization in the Library) and 2016-2 (Position Classification Appeals) are appended to this Agreement.

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