Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. This article covers details, i.e., the temporary full-time or part-time assignment, of an employee from his/her regular position to another position of the same, higher, or lower grade, or to unclassified duties without change in status, grade or compensation; and temporary promotions. When an employee is detailed he/she remains officially in his/her regular position for the duration of that detail.

Section 2. The Library agrees that any employee for whom a known detail is planned will be notified at least two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the detail unless the Library demonstrates reasonable cause why such notification could not be provided.

Section 3. The Library has determined that:

  1. a detail to a position of the same grade shall not normally exceed four (4) months;
  2. b. a temporary promotion shall not normally exceed four (4) months; and
  3. a detail to a lower grade-level position shall not normally exceed three (3) months.

In instances where the Library finds it necessary for operational efficiency to extend a detail or temporary promotion, it will notify the Guild two (2) weeks prior to the extension. Such notification will include:

  1. the name of the detailed employee;
  2. the employee's permanent position;
  3. the position to which the employee is being detailed;
  4. the beginning date of the extension;
  5. the duration of the extension; and
  6. the reason for the extension.
Section 4. Except for brief periods, an employee should not be detailed to a bargaining unit position of a higher grade unless there are compelling reasons for so doing. A detail to a higher grade-level bargaining unit position or to a bargaining unit position with known promotion potential shall not ordinarily exceed four (4) weeks. If an employee must perform the duties of the higher grade-level position beyond four (4) weeks, or if it is known in advance that these duties will extend beyond four (4) weeks, a temporary promotion shall be made.

Section 5. In those instances where it becomes necessary for the Library, for reasons of operational efficiency, to detail an employee to either a higher grade-level position or to a position with known promotion potential for greater than four (4) weeks, the Library will normally seek expressions of interest for, or announce, planned details for at least fifteen (15) days prior to the detail. The notice will include a description of the proposed work assignment, the length of the detail, the qualifications being sought, special requirements, and any other pertinent information. The Library will accept expressions of interest from and, when appropriate, interview candidates, as determined by the selecting official.

Section 6 . Full-time details for a period of more than five (5) workdays but fewer than twenty (20) workdays shall be documented by a memorandum to the employee before the beginning of the detail, with a copy placed in the employee's Official Personnel Folder (OPF). Regularly-scheduled part-time details or recurring details of four (4) hours or more duration at a time that exceeds forty (40) hours per year shall be documented by a memorandum to the employee with a copy placed in the employee's OPF. Full-time details in excess of twenty (20) workdays will be reported on a Personnel Action Recommendation (PAR) and forwarded through established channels for approval. Such memoranda and recommendations shall indicate: (a) beginning date; (b) reason for detail; (c) expected duration; and (d) position to be occupied, or a brief description of the unclassified duties or work project to which assigned.

Section 7. For reasons of equity, assignments made pursuant to this article shall be rotated among qualified employees unless the Library demonstrates reasonable cause as to why they cannot be rotated.

Section 8. Details of employees to lower grade-level positions shall be kept to a minimum and shall not adversely affect an employee's salary, classification, job standing, or promotion opportunities.

Section 9. The involuntary detail of an employee who is at a grade level below the top of his/her classification promotion plan shall be avoided whenever possible; such a detail shall not be allowed to delay the employee's promotion within the plan provided that his/her performance is fully satisfactory. If an employee's work is found to be in need of substantial improvement on an involuntary detail to a position in which the duties are not basically the same as those in an employee's permanent position description (PD), the Library will consider terminating the detail. An employee who is involuntarily detailed to a position whose duties are not basically the same as those in his/her permanent PD shall not be given an unsatisfactory performance rating based solely or principally on their his/her in the job to which he/she is detailed.

Section 10. The performance rating of a detailed employee shall be based on the requirements of his/her regular position and the detailed position duties actually assigned and performed during the rating period.

Section 11. The Library will provide the Guild with a listing of details and temporary promotions quarterly.

Section 12. The Parties will meet, consult, and bargain over the impact and implementation of the detailing of two (2) or more employees either to similar assignments or to form temporary new teams whenever such actions have more than de minimis impact.

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