Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. A reassignment is the permanent movement of an employee from his/her regular position to another position at the same or equivalent grade which becomes the employee's regular position.

Section 2. A reassignment may be made for, but shall not be limited to, the following reasons:

  1. to accomplish the mission of the Library;
  2. to assure better utilization of employee skills or abilities;
  3. to make the best use of current staff;
  4. to resolve work-related problems;
  5. to comply with employee requests; or
  6. to avoid having to institute Reduction-In-Force procedures.

Requests submitted under Section 2(e) above will be approved as deemed appropriate and feasible by the Library.

Section 3. Reassignments that are primarily intended to offer special training or experience for advancement, career development, or promotion, will be made in accordance with the Library's Merit Selection Plan and Article 16 (Merit Employment and Promotions).

Section 4. When a reassignment is required, the Library will notify the employee of the details of the new assignment at least thirty (30) days in advance of the reassignment, when practicable.

Section 5. When an employee is reassigned into a vacant position, the Library will provide appropriate training pursuant to Article 27 (Professional Development and Training). When an employee is reassigned to avoid a RIF or as the result of a RIF, the employee will receive an appropriate adjustment period as determined by the Library. Appropriate job orientation and/or training will be provided during the adjustment period as determined by the Library in conformity with Article 19 (Reduction-In-Force).

Section 6. All reassignments will be subject to procedures and requirements, which mandate that all non-competitive personnel actions be based on legitimate, non-discriminatory, job related criteria and that Human Resources Services shall review those actions to assure their compliance.

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