Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. Reorganization is defined as the planned elimination, addition, or redistribution of functions or duties of an organization or unit therein.

Section 2. The Guild shall be given the opportunity to be present at any meeting between management and employees involved during the course of the reorganization, according to the provisions of Article 5 (Guild Rights).

Section 3. The Library agrees to notify the Guild in writing of a proposed reorganization normally at the time of the service unit recommendation for approval.

Section 4. Information Sharing

  1. In accordance with Article 8 (Midterm Bargaining), Section 3 of this Agreement, the Library shall make the following information available to the Guild:
    1. the purpose of the reorganization;
    2. draft plans and organization charts;
    3. changes which affect the employees' role in service to the Library's constituencies;
    4. number of affected employees; and
    5. jobs added, deleted or changed, as well as addition or reduction of support and supervisory personnel.

  2. Should the Guild require additional information regarding the relocation, the Guild will specify in writing the information needed and why it is necessary, including the uses to which the Guild will put the information, and the connection between those uses and the Guild's representational responsibilities.

Section 5. The Parties will meet, consult, and bargain over the impact and implementation of reorganizations. Such bargaining shall be without regard to the withdrawal of specific proposals during term negotiations, since the Parties agree that no rights were thereby waived.

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