Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. The Library will make a reasonable effort to continue to provide current levels of service in health units for all employees.

Section 2. The Library will provide Library Police Officers with adequate and current first aid and referral training, including CPR, as determined necessary by the Library and within its available resources. The Library will make available CPR training (including first aid) to bargaining unit members who are assigned to work evenings and weekends.

Section 3. The following services will be provided at no expense to employees on a continuing basis, where necessary or appropriate, as determined by the Library:

  1. immunizations against influenza, polio, and tetanus, and any other immunizations made available by the Public Health Service;
  2. comprehensive physical examinations for employees who wish to participate in the program, with priority being given to older employees and employees who are exposed to potentially toxic agents or toxic materials;
  3. visual screenings and eye examinations;
  4. hearing examinations and participation in a comprehensive hearing conservation program;
  5. comprehensive health information programs and screening programs; and
  6. emergency service during all work hours, and arrange transportation, if needed, for all employees incapacitated due to illness or accident on the job.

Section 4. The Parties acknowledge that in the event of unavoidable limitations on the availability of funds and/or personnel of the Health Services Office, cancellations or delays in scheduling employees for the services listed above may be required.

Section 5. The Library shall provide the specific tests required for employees in jobs with special physical requirements as identified on the vacancy announcement and/or the position description. The tests and information required must be medically relevant to the physical requirements stated on the vacancy announcement, the position description, and the Certificate of Position Functional Requirements, and Environmental and Mental Factors.

Section 6.

  1. The Parties agree that an employee making a written request for special consideration for health reasons is entitled to prompt consideration of his/her request. If the request is denied, the employee must be advised in writing of the specific reason(s).

  2. The Library will administer the Americans with Disabilities Act as provided for by law, and as agreed to in procedures negotiated between the Parties.

  3. In cases of temporary partial disability where full recovery is expected, normally within six (6) months, the Library shall make a reasonable effort to assign limited or light duties to the employee.

  4. An employee may request light or limited duty assignment(s) by submitting a written request to the Health Services Office supported by a medical statement from a licensed physician stating the anticipated duration of the convalescence period.
    1. A reasonable effort will be made to make light or limited duty assignment(s) within the employee's current position description.
    2. If efforts are unsuccessful in this area, the Library will attempt to detail the employee, first within his/her division, then within his/her service unit, and then anywhere in the Library.
    3. When the Health Services Office determines, supported by a medical statement from a licensed physician, that a temporary light or limited duty assignment is no longer needed, the employee shall be returned to his/her former duty assignment(s).

Section 7.

  1. When an employee sustains a job-related injury or occupational illness, the employee will report the injury or illness to his/her supervisor as soon as practicable. The supervisor will refer the employee to the Health Services Office or at other times to the Library Police. The supervisor will also advise the employee to contact the Library's Workers Compensation Office to obtain information on benefits under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act.

  2. The Library will administer the Federal Employees' Compensation Program as provided for by law. An employee will be permitted to review documents relating to his/her claim for compensation which the Office of Workers Compensation Programs has authorized the Library to make available. The employee may be accompanied by his/her designated representative, if the employee so wishes. The Library recognizes the importance of a well-administered compensation program and agrees to provide answers to employee requests for assistance and to process claims promptly.

Section 8.

  1. Upon the employee's completion of the form prescribed by the Library, the Library shall supply each employee's physician a complete report of the results of any test or examination given him/her.

  2. Also upon written request by the employee, the Library will make his/her medical records available to his/her personal physician.

Section 9. The Library shall allow the Guild to review all accident reports made by supervisors involving on-the-job injuries of unit employees. The Library will also provide the Guild with a copy of the Library's annual injury report.

Section 10. The Library and the Guild will meet, consult, and bargain over the impact and implementation of changes in conditions of employment not covered by this Agreement.

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