Collective Bargaining Agreement with AFSCME Local 2910


Section 1. The Labor-Management Health and Safety Committee shall consist of equal representation from labor and management not to exceed a total of four (4). Management will appoint, in writing, corresponding management representatives to serve a period of not less than two (2) years. Representatives shall receive adequate and necessary training, without cost to the representative, to enable effective performance of Committee related health and safety responsibilities. Labor and management representatives shall be appointed and serve as provided for in 29 CFR 1960 Basic Program Elements for Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Programs and Related Matters, or current regulatory guidelines if superseded. The Committee shall:

  1. meet at least once each month at a planned site and at a regular time to review health and safety conditions within the Library and to make such recommendations as deemed necessary or desirable to assure a healthful and safe working environment;
  2. conduct health and safety inspections of all facilities on an annual basis as a minimum and more frequently as deemed necessary. Following each inspection a report will be submitted within thirty (30) days to the highest management level official of the unit inspected. The Library shall, within thirty (30) days, advise the Committee on the disposition of the Committee findings;
  3. receive a copy of all correspondence related to health and safety conditions and/or practices within the Library work environment. This includes the Annual Injury Report and correspondence with the Department of Labor, OSHA;
  4. review, recommend, and participate in local safety education and information programs and employee job related health and safety training, including ergonomics training;
  5. as necessary, or when requested by the Designated Agency Safety and Health Official, comment on proposed LC Regulations related to safety and health;
  6. periodically review the safety and health program, and where indicated, propose changes in resource allocation for support and management of the program; and
  7. assure a system is established to provide for employee reports of unhealthful or unsafe working conditions.

Section 2. The Library will solicit the Committee's advice concerning health and safety conditions, existing and proposed practices, programs, and regulations relating to the health and safety program. To this end, the Library agrees to provide all available, non-confidential information to the Committee promptly and in good faith, so that the Committee can accomplish this mission in a deliberate, yet timely manner.

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