Section 1.

The officers of Local 2910 shall be a president, a 1st vice-president, a 2nd vice-president, a 3rd vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, three steward directors and three executive board members-at-large. These 12 officers shall consti-tute the executive board of Local 2910. Three members shall also be elected to serve as trustees. These trustees shall be elected to three-year terms of office except in the initial election, one shall be elected for a one-year term, one for a two-year term, and one for a three-year term. The term of office for all other elected positions shall be one year.

Section 2.

Nominations shall be made at a regular or special meeting of the local. At least fifteen (15) days' advance notice shall be given the membership prior to the nomination meeting. A nominations committee shall be appointed to make nominations, and nominations shall be permitted from the floor at the nominations meeting. All regular elections shall be held in the month of April.

Section 3.

To be eligible for office, a member must be in good standing for one year immediately preceding the election, and must be currently employed within the jurisdiction of the local. For a member who is transferred or promoted into this local from another AFSCME local union affiliated with the Capital Area Council of Federal Employees Number 26, this requirement shall be satisfied if such memberís combined membership in good standing in both locals is one year at the time of the election. An eligible member may run for only one executive board office in each general election. No member may run for a position on the executive board and for a position as trustee in the same election. No member shall simultaneously hold a position as trustee and member of the executive board.

Section 4.

Officers shall be elected by secret ballot vote, and the balloting shall be so conducted as to afford to all members a reasonable opportunity to vote. At least fifteen (15) days' advance notice in writing shall be given the membership prior to the holding of the election.

Section 5.

All matters concerning nominations and elections in this local union shall be subject to the provisions of Appendix D, entitled Elections Code, of the International Union Constitution.

Section 6.

Each of the steward directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the members within the electoral unit of the library that he/she represents. One steward director shall be elected by members of an electoral unit consisting of the technical services divisions and offices (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Preservation, and Operations directorates of Library Services). One steward director shall be elected by members of an electoral unit consisting of the reference and research divisions and offices (Public Services, Area Studies, and National Services directorates of Library Services and any other Library Services staff not included in the technical services electoral unit). One steward director shall be elected by members of an electoral unit consisting of the remaining library divisions, offices, and directorates (Copyright Law Library, ITS, and other staff not included in Library Services). Changes in the names of the Library's directorates, offices, or other organizational units shall not cause a change in the composition of the Guild electoral units.

Section 7.

Stewards of Local 2910 shall be elected, except that two (2) steward positions shall be reserved for appointment by the president, with the approval of the appointments to be made by the executive board. The remainder of the stewards shall be elected during the general election by the members of the electoral unit in which they are running. Electoral units for the stewards shall correspond to the electoral units of the steward directors. A candidate for steward need not be an employee in a unit in order to run as steward in that unit. A candidate may not run for steward in more than one electoral unit in the same general election. The number of stewards to be elected from each unit shall be determined by the chair of the nominations committee prior to nominations and shall be based on the number of bargaining unit members within each electoral unit.



Section 1.

An office shall be deemed to be vacant when the individual who has been filling it resigns, dies, is no longer a member of the local, removed from office, or leaves the jurisdiction of the local.

Section 2.

Should the office of president become vacant, the 1st vice-president shall automatically accede to the presidency. All other vacancies shall be filled by a vote of the executive board.

Section 3.

Any elected official may be removed from office in accordance with Article X of the International Constitution.

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