Section 1.

The executive board shall be the governing body of the local union when meetings of the general membership are not in session; shall initiate and implement all matters of policy deemed necessary for accomplishing the purposes of the local not specifically provided for in this constitution or by action of the membership at a regular or special meeting. The executive board may authorize the expenditure of union funds up to $500.00 without prior referral to the membership. Expenditures not specifically provided for in the budget over $500.00 must have the prior approval of the membership. The executive board shall meet at the call of the president or of a majority of the members of the board. A report on all actions taken by the executive board shall be made to the membership at the next following meeting.

Section 2.

The president shall: preside at all meetings of Local 2910 and of the executive board; oversee planning, coordination and implementation of policy as determined by the membership and the executive board; serve as ex-officio member of all committees except election committees; co-sign with the treasurer all checks drawn against the funds of the local for authorized expenditures; appoint all standing committees and all special committees of the local subject to the approval of the executive board; be responsible for developing those union activities of a social action nature; report periodically to the membership regarding the progress and standing of the local and regarding his or her official acts; and perform other duties as may pertain to this office.

Section 3.

The 1st vice-president shall: assist the president in the performance of official duties; preside at all meetings and perform all duties otherwise performed by the president in the latter's absence or inability to serve; serve as chief steward of the local; be responsible for all committees not specifically delegated; and, upon the approval of the executive board, be authorized to act as co-signer of checks drawn on the local funds in place of the president or the treasurer; be responsible for the coordination of grievance policy and supervise the handling of all Guild grievances; be responsible for the preparation and processing of charges of unfair labor practices and matters taken to arbitration; keep a complete and accurate record of all grievances, unfair labor practice charges, and arbitration matters in which the local is involved; chair the chief steward's committee; report to the executive board regularly on the status of all matters under his/her supervision; and be responsible for the training of stewards.

Section 4.

The 2nd vice-president shall: perform all the duties of the president when the president and 1st vice-president are unable to do so; be responsible for coordination of negotiation policy and negotiations, including contract and mid-term bargaining; upon approval of the executive board, be authorized to act as co-signer of checks drawn on the local funds in absence of the president or treasurer and 1st vice-president; be responsible for the preparation of matters taken to third parties; be responsible for the training of the negotiating team members.

Section 5.

The 3rd vice-president shall: act as liaison between the executive board and those committees on which the Guild has representatives; act to ensure consistent policy among Guild representatives on those committees; act to assure that the committee affairs are brought before the executive board in a timely fashion; recruit and recommend people to serve on these committees; and consult with other officers on matters that may fall within the purview of these committees.

Section 6.

The secretary shall: keep a complete record of the minutes of all membership meetings and executive board meetings; keep an official copy of the constitution and bylaws of the local union; maintain a current directory of all members; notify the membership of meetings; and carry on the official correspondence of Local 2910, unless otherwise directed by the executive board; and perform other duties that may be required by the executive board.

Section 7.

The treasurer shall: receive and receipt for all monies of the local union; deposit all money so received in the name of Local 2910 in a bank or banks selected by the executive board and money so deposited shall be withdrawn only by check signed by the treasurer and the president or the 1st vice-president or the 2nd vice-president in absence of either the president or treasurer; prepare and sign checks for such purposes as are required by the constitution or are authorized by the membership or the executive board; prepare and submit the monthly membership report to the International Union and see that a check is drawn in payment of the localís per capita tax each month and sent to the International Secretary-Treasurer; keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements; once a month, compile a monthly operating statement of the financial transactions of the local for the previous month and submit such statements to the membership at the regularly scheduled membership meetings; act as custodian of all properties of Local 2910; give a surety bond for an amount fixed by the International Union at the expense of Local 2910 and through the International Union; see that any financial reports required by the International Union Constitution to be submitted to the International Union are submitted in accordance with the International Union Constitution; see that any and all reports required by the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service are accurately submitted; perform all appropriate duties as described in the AFSCME Financial Standards Code.

Section 8.

Each steward director shall: provide advice and assistance to the stewards within his/her electoral unit; handle Guild grievances within his/her electoral unit and those individual grievances that reach 2nd step of the grievance procedure; meet regularly with the stewards in his/her electoral unit; act as a conduit of information for stewards and bargaining unit members within his/her electoral unit; work with stewards to increase membership within the electoral unit; report regularly to the executive board on the execution of policies established by the executive board; recruit and recommend members for directorate-level consultative groups.

Section 9.

The three members-at-large shall: participate in the running of the union and advise the president on the needs and concerns of the membership. The 1st member-at-large shall oversee the local's publication activities; the 2nd member-at-large shall oversee the local's affirmative action activities; and the 3rd member-at-large shall oversee the local's recruitment and outreach activities. Members-at-large are to report to the executive board regularly concerning plans and progress in the activities that they oversee and are to implement board policies within these activities.

Section 10.

The trustees shall make or cause to be made annually an audit of the finances of the local, including the finances concerning any health and welfare, pension, insurance or other benefit programs concerning members of such local, and shall report to the membership on the results of such audit.

Section 11.

Each steward of the Guild shall: handle grievances in his/her assigned area at the 1st step; handle disputes in his/her assigned area; serve as a conduit of information to and from unit members and to and from his/her steward director; be first Guild contact for unit members having concerns or questions; work with his/her steward director to increase membership within his/her assigned area(s); stay familiar with staff and work environment of the assigned area; provide a variety of membership services; be responsible to his/her steward director and be accountable to the executive board and membership.

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